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Author Spotlight: Kim Mullican

Please welcome Kim Mullican to the spotlight!


Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Kim Mullican had spent her early years as most do, reading great books, spending time with friends and trying to stay out of trouble.

She attended business college and furthered her collegiate studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. She studied business, travel and literature. However, she could not escape the allure of storytelling and quickly began studying to become a novelist. She began by reading every chance she had. From classical literature to contemporary novels, Kim's love of storytelling was uncontrollable. During a serious bout of insomnia lasting nearly two years, she began writing. Once she began, she never stopped.

Kim left college before earning her degree. Leaving college did not mean the end of her education, "I learned more by reading and people watching than college could ever teach me."

Now a small business owner, wife, mother to 4 humans, 2 dogs and 2 cats, Kim finds herself maximizing her time and sharing her love for writing with the world.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Liz Dawson Is a Complex Character! September 14, 2012
By L.Leander
Format:Kindle Edition
****Author Provided Copy for Review****Liz Dawson isn't your normal FBI agent. She's a cop with an attitude. When she is assigned a serial killer case in the middle of an Amish Community she doesn't flinch, using her brawn and thinking skills to track and find the person responsible. She's not known for being shy and her mouth ends up getting her in trouble more than once. Her ever-ready partner, Matt, seems to be the voice of reason as he continually pulls her back and finds himself apologizing for something Liz has said or done. Unafraid, Liz wades right in and starts swinging, both literally and figuratively.

Who is the killer and why are the murders taking place? The author, Kim Mullican, does a good job of keeping the reader in suspense about that fact throughout the book.

I was interested in reading this novel because of the subject content and wondered how the author would handle the normally reticent Amish people. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I live in the middle of an Amish community and the people in my area are not at all like they are portrayed in Yoder's Farm. However, I do have to give Ms. Mullican the benefit of the doubt - perhaps her type of community is present and we are all overshadowed by the appearance of a peaceful, God-fearing people? And, we all know that there are bad apples present in every cross-section of the world. So, a better question might be why not?

I felt a lack of description made the book suffer a little. The Amish farms and people who work them are beautifully kept and the clothing is unusual and colorful. The buggies used for transportation and the majestic horses tilling the soil and working the fields are interesting to see. The Amish baked goods are delicious and their gardens are perfect rows of crops kept weed-free by women and children. The beliefs are a little strange to those of us who live differently, but here the Amish and "English" coexist well together and call themselves friends.

I think this book will appeal to people because not only is it a mystery but a romance and it is an easy read. I found it entertaining and it does give the reader reason to think "outside the box."

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