Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Book Alert: For I Am Zeus: A Collection of Plays About Greek Mythology


For I Am Zeus: A Collection of Plays About Greek Mythology contains six short plays about the most entertaining of the Greek gods. Join Zeus as he suffers through marriage counseling, makes an indecent proposal to his sisters, and tries to sleep with anything that moves. 

For I Am Zeus: Zeus tries to pick up a woman at a bar.
Master of Disguise: Zeus is reunited with a few of his past lovers...and they are not happy.
'Til Death Do Us Part: Zeus and Hera give marriage counseling a try.
God Standing: Zeus and God are the final two on a reality show (hosted
by Jesus) which will determine who is the most awesome god of all time.
Four's a Crowd: Zeus tries to talk his sisters into a four-way.
A Greek God Walks Into a Bar...: Zeus hosts a speed-dating night at his son's bar.

For I Am Zeus: A Collection of Plays About Greek Mythology was voted best comedy book of 2012 in the Turning the Pages Book of the Year contest.


"This is an excellent book of short plays. Irreverent and often laugh-out-loud funny. I would love to see them performed. You need to read this book!" -A. Hambright (Amazon)

"A fresh, irreverent look at Zeus and his behavior, written as short plays set in modern times. The opening play, "For I Am Zeus" is a delight, and the others expand from there. These would be wonderful to see performed."- Daryl Hrdlicka (Amazon)

"I was hooked from the first play! The sarcasm and humor are unmatched in these plays! Wonderful read, but would love to see it performed! I'm sure actors would have lots of fun performing these plays! Hope to see a second book soon!" -bclvinger (Amazon)

"A sassy and saucy take on one of my favorite characters of all time, Zeus. Crystal Smith-Connelly has a fresh voice and a knack for creating a host of plays I would love to see in action. A must buy and a must read!"- LenaPaulette (Amazon)

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